About Me

With world-class training in journalism and a multifaceted career spanning nearly six years in digital marketing, I have seen the power of a well-told story to transform, inspire, and connect with millions. A strong message can be the difference between a returning customer, a community that actually cares, and a platform that does some good in the world.

In the digital age, brands that breathe authenticity and human connection stand out.

Why? We’re starved for it. How? Through good storytelling.

From global charities to tech starts ups to women-driven ventures, I’ve worked with exceptional founders and teams to craft content, digital media strategies, marketing campaigns, and web experiences that say something that matters. I have had the pleasure of working with influential organizations like TELUS, WE Day, and RBC as well as ambitious startups and small businesses like SheEO and Nordest Studio.

I do my best work in purpose-driven environments that explore the intersections of creativity, technology, and community. I have a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and recently co-founded the women’s event company, Syzygy Toronto.