Pineapple: Digital Strategy for a Hospitality App

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, Pineapple introduces a fresh start and improved way of making professional connections. While in the role of Content & Community Lead at Nordest Studio, I had the opportunity to collaborate with an ambitious hospitality entrepreneur with the vision of building an app that would easily connect high-quality hospitality talent with top-notch restaurants and venues in Toronto.

Leading in digital content, I provided strategic direction to a team of web developers in the content mapping of the website as well as acted as the lead writer in the brand’s voice and content messaging online. During the pre-launch phase, I managed the brand’s beta test group communications, digital strategy, social media launch plans, and collaborated with a team of designers, writers, and PR specialists to produce the look, feel, and voice of the hospitality brand.


  • Supporting the content creation and planning of the brand’s website

  • Producing an integrated digital strategy for a tech-first hospitality brand

  • Collaborating with a team of web developers, content creators, and PR specialists for the app’s initial launch in the app store

  • Providing creative direction in the development of the brand’s visual assets and social media efforts including photography services at promotional events