SheEO: Showcasing SheEO’s Thought Leadership

With a network of thousands of prominent entrepreneurs and professionals, SheEO wanted to leverage their collective wisdom and celebrate the women in their community through a online learning platform, Learning Lab . Our vision for Learning Lab was that it would become an online web series that would empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our programming consisted of themes such as speaking with confidence, networking, owning your power, and creating healthy team cultures.

As Marketing and Communications Manager, I spearheaded the digital launch of the program, leading in creative direction, strategic communications, partner outreach strategy, and community engagement.


In collaboration with a team of tech specialists, operational managers, designers, and speakers, we successfully launched Learning Lab with sponsor TruShield on the Zoom platform which featured speakers like Refinery 29’s Carolyn Meacher and author J. Kelly Hoey. Upholding the brand’s desire to foster community, I managed the private Slack channel that created additional opportunities for interactions between webinar participants and additional resources to take their learning further.


  • Establishing a digital launch process and guide for all future Learning Lab sessions

  • Successfully on-boarding Learning Lab participants into the Slack channel community and driving lead generation for SheEO’s Activator and Venture programs

  • Learning Lab sessions reached more than 5000+ views with international viewers tuning in from California, Germany, New Zealand, and more