SheEO: Video Storytelling for Mind-Shifting Ideas

As Marketing & Communications Manager at SheEO, I brought fresh content ideas to the brand that spoke to the organization’s goals and engaged their community at every level. SheEO is an organization that is not only building a new financing system for female founders, but they are also introducing new behaviours and philosophies to encourage a culture of generosity. SheEO had drafted eight mindset shifts that were initially presented as a single page on their website. I recognized that the impact of these mindset shifts could be expanded through multimedia content and a larger distribution plan.

I led the new video series that would present the mindset shifts in video form and invite key members of their network (“Activators”) to share their own stories of transformation as a result of these philosophies. The result was powerful video content that translated into the brand’s email marketing and social media content, resulting in meaningful engagement with their community.

As the brand’s MarCom, I spearheaded the project from concept to completion, working collaboratively with freelancers, operational managers, and executive leadership.


  • Managing the video project from start to finish with a videographer team, eight community members, CEO, and operational team members, providing creative and operational direction throughout the process

  • Leading the digital distribution strategy for the video content and integration in SheEO’s fall marketing campaign

  • Getting behind the camera to capture behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot and SheEO Activator portraits