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About the Project

As a women’s initiative with a vision to engage a diversity of women, Syzygy wanted their event marketing and communications materials to stand out and show their distinct personality in the women’s community space.

To achieve this, we partnered with local artists to create illustrated posters to showcase each of Syzygy’s gatherings themes and abstract concepts. From themes of intersectionality to self-care to alignment, each poster is distinctly different but encompasses similar artistic elements.

Working closely with each artist, we supported in concept direction and the revision process to produce final designs that reflect the brand’s goals and maintained the artist’s unique style.

Similarly on social media, Syzygy wanted it’s brand to feel organic and reflective of its community. In designing the brand’s Instagram, a scrap-book aesthetic was adopted to personalize the content and make it feel much more DIY ditching conventional ideals about the “perfectly curated” feed or the concept of a “female brand”.