The MacPherson group: Modernizing an Accounting Firm

The MacPherson Group is a Toronto-based accounting firm with a passion for working with passionate, creative, progressive, and ambitious entrepreneurs. With more than 20 years in the accounting industry, the founder wanted their brand to reflect the incredible diversity of their clientele and speak to young, ambitious entrepreneurs. As Content & Community Lead at Nordest, I worked closely with the MacPherson Group to provide strategic market analysis, digital media strategy, brand audits, and integrated content marketing tactics to support their goals. Additionally, I led in the design of their website, initial social media launch, and the creative direction of their visual presence and voice online.


  • Developing the brand’s new website including copywriting, design, and content development

  • Producing a holistic digital marketing strategy that included an educational blog that illustrated the brand’s thought leadership

  • Launching the brand’s social media and providing creative direction

  • Managing the client relationship, reporting on data insights, and proving strategic direction to digital content decisions
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