We Day: Malala Yousafzai video script

Video script co-written for WE Day’s #WeAreSilent Campaign with in partnership with Malala Yousafzai

Malala’s Story

I come from Swat Valley, Pakistan.

A region where rifles are fired to celebrate the birth of a son, but daughters are hidden away

behind a certain. Where I grew up girls were afraid to go to school, but I’m not afraid.

I believe that education is a universal human right.

I believe that one child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.

Schools were attacked, I still went and I spoke out.

We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.

I was shot on a Tuesday at lunch time.

One bullet. One bullet. One bullet.

One gunshot heard around the world, but here I stand.

I am Malala.

Kailah Bharath