WE Day: Hozier Interview

A revised excerpt of my interview with Hozier to reflect my natural writing voice versus WE Day’s youthful voice and tone.


Hozier is about to give one of the best We Day performances yet.

Of course, that’s a bold and entirely subjective statement. We’ve seen everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Jennifer Hudson at the youth­-activism-­social­-good­concert­-conference fusion that is We Day. Power, soul and truth are all elemental to his music. When Hozier, also known as Andrew Hozier­ Byrne, lets the first note go, it really hits us. He’s telling us something.

Unsurprisingly, it’s almost spiritual the way Take Me to Church fills the arena. Hundreds of thousands of us swaying, singing along, hands held high, smartphone cameras capturing every second. Backstage crew members stop what they’re doing to catch a glimpse. We’re mesmerized.

Inspired by legends like Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone, the Irish singer-­songwriter makes it obvious that he’s both artist and advocate. Themes of equality and justice reverberate through the melody. That’s why he’s one of the best of the season. His art reflects the whole point of an event like this. He’s speaking to 20,000 young humans who get it. They’re dreamers, too. They stand for something. They’re leading change in the very issues he's singing about.

There's no better audience for an artist like Hozier.

View the contrast by reading the original interview here.

Kailah Bharath