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Change the world, every day with new We365 app

Bonjour! ¡ hola Ciao! There are so many languages spoken all over the world.

Your challenge: Pick a language you can’t speak and learn how to say “I care about cultural understanding.” Share the language you chose and your translated sentence. Click post.

Congratulations, you’ve just helped to make the world a kinder place.

Sharing daily social action challenges, just like this one, is just one of the features on We365, a brand new mobile app, website and social network that’s free to use, and helps you change the world, every day. It’s the first social platform of its kind for all the active world- changers out there. In fact, you and your friends can start doing good with a single click when the app launches later this month.

A joint initiative of Free The Children and TELUS, We365, simply put, is a social platform for social good.

“Partnering with Free The Children in the creation of We365 was a natural fit for TELUS and truly is an evolution of our partnership to help inspire young leaders and build a community of young people dedicated to positive social change,” said Jill Schnarr, VP, Community Affairs at TELUS. “Through We365, TELUS is combining the power of technology with the popularity of social media, and will engage kids with online challenges throughout the year, inviting them to take action to better their communities, and in turn giving kids a chance to win access to exclusive events, as well as scholarships and charity grants.”

The creation of We365 was inspired by the desire to close the gap between the good works young people are doing— from fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness to taking action on issues they care about— and their ability to showcase their efforts to a wider audience.

“There is such an amazing amount of work being done by young people today,” says Craig Kielburger, Free The Children co- founder. “And yet so little of it is meaningfully recognized, let alone leveraged into incredibly useful, tangible benefits— credit for school, applications for careers. This free social platform does more than close this gap. It champions the champions out there.”

We365 users can create their own profiles, track and verify volunteer hours, and rally friends and family to donate to any registered charity through personal fundraising pages. On this free platform, youth can build a portfolio of their social actions to strengthen university, college and scholarship applications. Users can also follow the causes they care about, take daily challenges, connect with like- minded friends, find and share inspiring content on We365 as well as Facebook and Twitter, and even earn points to celebrate their impact.

Edward Jia, a recent high school graduate from Vancouver is already excited for We365 and the potential it has to help him and his friends to be the change.

“We365 allows us to simply focus on something we care about,” says Jia. “The platform has the potential to educate teens and gets them involved with anything that’s important to them, and it can help them create change for the better, big or small.”

We365 is sure to inspire positive change in countless ways. It’s fitting, then, that Free The Children has announced that sponsors will immunize a child for every download of We365 throughout its initial six- month period, beginning this fall. Just by joining you can save a life. Immunization saves two to three million lives every year, so We365 users will know they are making an immediate and lasting impact. And that act of kindness is anything but random.

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Kailah Bharath